~david 18 south florida~ they/them pls /// bi agender he/him if you know me irl /// deprivatize national debt or bust (bust = socialism)



There’s a helicopter circling my neighborhood. I knew I shouldn’t have torrented the complete 2nd season of Wizards Of Waverly Place

I remember heaving my weight through viscous time like it was mud up to my knees. Too thick to swim through and too thin to walk on, it gave me cramps that made me nostalgic for the extortion of my spirit.

I learned how to catch the wind just long enough to glide into the world, but it’s all looking like mud again and the expanse of monotony makes me wonder if it makes a difference that I’m floating and not trudging.

I never really paid much attention, but it really struck me when I blinked a few times and realized (almost intuitively) that all I had heard for weeks was powerful, muted silence.

I feel like the only person in the world who could sink and not notice the soul-crushing weight of the ocean bearing down on me.


Random crow shows up on dude’s porch, looks him straight in the face and says ‘fuck you’

i think i’m gonna try soylent. maybe not buying the ready-made mix from the company but going to their DIY website and picking a homemade recipe… idk i gotta research it and find out whichever is cheaper

my parents might start shit if they find out bc their default mode is skeptical but tbh the only meal they ever witness me eating is dinner (which they’d probably make me sit through regardless) so I’d save all the time I waste to myself making and eating food and probably still lose weight if I pay attention to what I eat at dinner